What is Tap Tap – Mobile Ordering for Local Businesses?

2 min read | March 3, 2017 | By Doğukan Tüfekçi

What is Tap Tap – Mobile Ordering for Local Businesses?

You can use Tap Tap to order and pay for goods online; and have local shops to get your orders ready for pick-up or delivered right to your door. Tap Tap is mobile ordering for your favorite local shops in any country.

The Newest Local Shopping Experience

  • Imagine tapping a few buttons to order and pay for your coffee before even you arrived the coffee shop. You could skip the order line and the preparation time. You could visit the shop to simply pick-up your coffee and save time.
  • Imagine tapping a few buttons to order some late night snacks delivered right to your door. You could enjoy your favorite TV show and stay in comfort of your home.

Easy Integration for Your Favorites

Tap Tap offers an easy integration online ordering system to all kinds of local businesses. Restaurants, cafes, bars, coffee shops, grocery stores, florists, retail stores can register and start accepting online orders in seconds. Your favorite coffee shop will soon be ready to Tap Tap.

The Fastest Way to Place an Order

You can Tap Tap to place an order for pick-up or delivery right from your mobile phone. Tap Tap is smart, and it is very good at making suggestions. When you open the app, you are very likely to see what you’ve wanted to order; no browsing or searching necessary. Therefore, it truly takes only 2 taps to place an order, and even pay. This makes Tap Tap the fastest mobile ordering experience, probably.

Meet Your Local Shopping Guide

In case you are visiting a new neighborhood, and you wonder where you can buy a specific product, Tap Tap is your local shopping guide living in your mobile phone and available 24/7. Simply search by product name or scan its barcode to discover where you can it pick-up or have it delivered wherever you need.

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