Pitch Battle for a Ticket to Slush

3 min read | September 24, 2017 | By Doğukan Tüfekçi

Pitch Battle for a Ticket to Slush

The second masterclass of Startsup4Peace 2017 program took place at 3 Lounge in Kyrenia on Saturday, September 23rd. Kasper Suomalainen from Startup Sauna and Christophoros N. Tzirtzipis from Startup Cyprus talked about Pitching, Metrics and Growth Hacking. I, Dogukan Tufekci, represented Tap Tap as co-founder and CEO.

At the end of the program, 2 startups will win slots to a major startup event in Finland, Slush, in November.

Pitch Battle for Slush

Each team pitched 3 times to prepare for the upcoming Pitch Battle event in 10 days. It took a lot of effort to squeeze all about Tap Tap into a 3-minute pitch. It had had to be done, and we fortunately did it with the help of the great mentors of the program.

For now, here is what we’ve got.

Tap Tap in 3-minutes

Tap Tap let’s you place an order faster than a Tesla goes from 0 to 60.

I like to stay in bed as long as possible. Therefore, every morning, I wake up with the alarm; order my breakfast online; and go back to sleep until my order arrives. Thanks to online ordering, I save 20 minutes everyday.

However, I’m not living in central London, and online ordering has not matured, so I still have to take a trip to a grocery store, a pet shop, a florist, and all my other favourite shops to get whatever I need.

Thus, to make online ordering a commodity all around the world, we have built a free to register and easy to manage fully-integrated online ordering platform for all our favourite national and local businesses. Today, they can start accepting orders online, and we can receive anything we need, anywhere in the world, same-day or faster with Tap Tap.

Business model & market
So how do we make money if it’s free? Businesses which opt-in to accept online payments share a small commission with us. We also charge businesses a monthly fee if they opt to benefit from our AI-powered marketing tools.

Today, we have a launch ready platform with a beautiful mobile app available on the App Store and Android Play Store. A few months ago, when we proposed Tap Tap to a local super market’s director, she was ready to pay us 10 times more than what we were initially going to offer.

There’s no doubt that on-demand delivery market has strong brand names around the world. However, the competition is mainly in metropolitan areas, and it is specific to the food delivery market. There are also alternative brands which employ couriers, who shop and deliver orders to their customers, which makes it hard to scale to less populated areas.

Tap Tap differentiates from competition by positioning itself as a global and market independent self-service digital solution. Businesses can hear about Tap Tap on the Internet, or from their own customers. A small shop owner can register her business in minutes and start managing online orders using a smart phone. A multi-store brand can manage all online orders through its existing POS solution.

Tap Tap supports multiple languages, works in any country, for all kinds of businesses.

I’m a serial entrepreneur with a multidisciplinary background which includes software development. We have an international team of 9 consisting of 5 developers, 3 designers and a digital marketer.

If you want to start saving time, and live more, help us boost the local commerce revolution. Visit your favourite brands’ Facebook pages and tell them about Tap Tap.

With Tap Tap, you can place an order faster than a Testa goes from 0 to 60.

My name is Dogukan Tufekci; and thank you for your attention.

Help us perfect our 3-minute pitch

We will keep perfecting the content as well as the attitude for the upcoming event. Please let us know how we can improve in the comments below.



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