Build location based shopping apps using Tap Tap API

1 min read | June 2, 2017 | By Doğukan Tüfekçi

Build location based shopping apps using Tap Tap API

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Tap Tap API is for app developers, entrepreneurs and local business owners to build and publish mobile ordering and payment apps in minutes. Tap Tap API saves time and money by eliminating complex backend development cycles; ensures that apps will scale as their active user bases grow.

Fully Branded Business Apps

An existing local business can build a fully branded mobile shopping experience for its customers.

Multi-business Marketplace Apps

An entrepreneur can launch a niche marketplace app for local communities to discover and shop from local shops.

Open Source Native Mobile Apps

Tap Tap not only provides an API as a service, but also production ready native mobile apps to the open source community. Tap Tap is devoted to making it fast and easy for anyone to publish a top-notch app, therefore we have open sourced all of our mobile apps. In other words;

  • Tech-savvy business owners and less-experienced developers can publish native apps to App Store and Play Store in minutes. They can create custom apps according to their brand’s style and requirements simply by adding a config file.
  • Experienced developers can create apps with unique user experiences. They can customize the open source code bases to change UI, screen flows, or even add further functionality with or without using third party APIs.

Fully Tested and Documented JSON API

Tap Tap Engineering Team has dedicated test engineers to ensure our API services are stable, which they like to call bullet proof.  Each API end-point is fully documented, and sample data can be accessed via Tap Tap’s browsable API.

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